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Chemicalize is a powerful online platform for chemical calculations, search, and text processing.

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Calculation view provides structure-based predictions for any molecule structure. Available calculations include elemental analysis, names and identifiers, pKa, logP/logD, as well as solubility.

Chemical Search

Search view lets you perform text-based and structure-based searches against the Chemicalize database to find web page sources and associated structures of the results. You can even combine text-based and structural queries to achieve advanced search capabilities.

Web Page Annotation

Web viewer displays any web page with chemical structures highlighted on it. Recognized formats are IUPAC names, common names, InChI, and SMILES identifiers. A chemical table of contents is organized at the left part of the page with the images of all recognized chemical structures.

Compliance Checker

Compliance view lets you check your compounds with respect to national regulations of several countries on narcotics, psychotropic drugs, explosives, hazardous materials, and toxic agents.

Why do I need to sign in?

Some of the new and upcoming features (e.g., personal activity history) require the user authentication. Furthermore, we would like to know our Chemicalize users better to be able to target the upcoming developments more effectively. We strongly believe that the benefits of the new system will compensate you for this little inconvenience.

What is this credit system? Could you make Chemicalize free for students?

The credit system doesn't mean you can’t use Chemicalize for free. We will provide several features free of charge and give free monthly credits for every user. These possibilities should be enough for typical use cases. However, more intensive usage is also possible by paying some reasonable compensation for the extra resources. We believe that all Chemicalize users will benefit from the new credit system since we can speed up the development and updates to provide more valuable features and content.

In the beta test period, you can get unlimited credits for free, but please note that these credits won’t be transferred to the production system.

I miss some functions that were available in the previous version. Could you give them back?

The first version of Chemicalize was created primarily for demonstration purposes and included several not widely used features. In the new version, we have removed some of these functions to make the application more clear and practical. Please, let us know if you miss something. We are open to extend the current functionality based on user feedback.

How secure is Chemicalize? Who can see my data?

All your activities and data, such as input molecules and search queries, are handled as private information. They are not accessible to other Chemicalize users in any way. The only exception is the web viewer feature, where the web pages visited in public annotation mode are added to our search index and become searchable for other users. If you wish to prevent this, choose the private annotation mode (coming soon). For more information, see our Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.

Can I use Chemicalize results in my presentations/articles?

You are free to use any result or image from Chemicalize in your publications or reports, just please refer to ChemAxon and

Can I use Chemicalize for commercial purpose?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions for commercial usage.

How can I give feedback?

Your feedback is highly appreciated. You can use the built in feedback box, appearing in the right bottom corner of Chemicalize pages, or you can send an e-mail to